Sensitive to the wind because its branches are fine and brittle, it requires perfect sunlight to develop its aromas to the maximum and should be harvested very early in the morning because its juice is sensitive to oxidation.

Clairette Blanche

Grape variety from the south of France, the Clairette Blanche is typically southern. Its bunches are of average size and its grapes have particularly juicy flesh. It is a late-budding variety, very vigorous.

Grenache Blanc

Grenache Blanc comes from Spain (a mutation of Grenache Rouge). Today, it is mainly found in the south of France, on the Mediterranean coast and in the Rhone valley. It is a robust grape variety that resists well to the wind and adapts to the region’s dry conditions. Its bunches are large, while its grapes, which are green-yellow in colour, are of rather average size.


Cinsault is a southern grape variety of Provençal origin which has settled permanently in the Languedoc and the Rhone valley. Its bunches are large, composed of large grapes with very juicy flesh. It is a late-budding grape variety that needs sunshine and resists well to drought, quite productive but fragile against diseases. It prefers poor soils for quality production. Cinsault is associated with Grenache and Carignan for the production of red wines, and also plays a part in the production of rosé wines. It is an accessory grape variety which shouldn’t exceed 10% of the grape variety.