Full of harmony


After a dry and sunny summer and a very good September, the plots reached optimum ripeness with perfect health.


The winemakers nevertheless kept an eye on the health of the vines. Fortunately, the rather dry, windy and cool summer allowed the grapes to ripen well. Mild weather made for a peaceful harvest which allowed certain winegrowers to stop a day or two in the week to wait, if necessary, for perfect ripeness (pulp and skin) and thus optimise the vintage’s potential (colour, richness and balance).


These red wines have unequalled colour intensity. The colours have great depth, the colours of the rosés have delicate nuances of a strong pink and the whites have pale yellow tones with green reflections.
All the wines shared the dominant fruity character of the aromas: intense red fruit and blackcurrant for the red, delicate white fruit for the rosé and freshness and citrus for the white. The structure of the red wines is powerful with melted tannins and a fine texture.
Take note of this vintage’s exceptional quality. The key words are: cleanliness, fruity, exceptional colours.