Just like all of 2017, autumn was very dry. It wasn’t until January 2018 that we saw the return of important rainfall after a long period of drought. The rains were significant from March to June. Spring was atypical with hot and very humid conditions, which is favourable for mildew. By June, the flowering period was almost over, and at the end of June, the closing of the grape bunch was almost reached, making 2018 quite an early vintage.


The number of bunches recorded was higher than in 2017 but also than the average for the years 2000-2017. Following a scorching July, the rains in August were very beneficial for the thirsty vines. This made it possible to restore volume to the grapes while delaying ripening. Ripening was very slow, despite the summer and stable weather conditions until the end of October. Consequently, the harvest maintained very good health. The harvest lasted from the end of August until mid-October.


The winemaking went very smoothly. The whites and rosés are very aromatic with even more fruit than usual. The rosés are fruity with low acidity but with more body, roundness and sweetness, giving them a delicious character.
The reds are supple and delicious, and the beautiful ripening provide melted tannins.
As a result, 2018 looks to be a vintage with delightful, enticing, delicious wines to drink before the 2017.