A fruity vintage
This year, the weather played with the nerves of the winemakers but turned out to be ideal for the vine.


After a wet autumn, winter was very dry (only 24% of normal rainfall) and finished with an intense cold in February. The weather from April to June was ideal for cryptogamic diseases in the vineyard which required great vigilance from the winegrowers. Despite the fairly heavy rains during these months, which partially made up for the large water deficit during the winter, this still remained at 25% when compared to the 30-year average. July and August were hot and dry, which helped stop mildew, but the powdery mildew risk remained high until mid-August. This lack of water caused ripening to stall in the most sensitive areas, but the rains at the end of August helped the ripening process.


Thanks to the mistral and the mild weather in September, the grapes were harvested at optimal maturity in perfect health conditions. The maturation stages were approached by the winemakers with complete peace of mind.


2012… harmonious and balanced wines
The first tastings reveal well-balanced wines with great aromatic potential. This vintage will stand out for its elegance and freshness.

This vintage’s red wines have a gorgeous colourful intensity and a deep colour. They are very textured, with finesse and delicate forest fruit aromas. The notable tannins remain supple and round. These wines are both powerful and generous but without an explosion of alcohol. As a result, this vintage is unique for its freshness and balance.

The white grape varieties offer explosive aromas supported by a nice freshness.
The whites and rosés have hints of white flowers and peach, and stand out for their fruity and balanced character. Compared to the 2007 vintage, with its elegance and aromatic expression, the 2012 ranks among the most exceptional vintages.