A fruity vintage


The cool temperatures at the start of the vine's growth cycle partly explain the delay in growth which made 2013 one of the latest vintages, closer to that seen in the 1980s than the 2000s. Flowering took place during the second ten days of June, a period of high temperatures with great temperature variation, leading to exceptional coulure, particularly on the Grenache. Very few flowers turned into fruit resulting in a very low harvest potential. The low rainfall in August and September allowed the grapes to ripen in good conditions.


The delay in growth meant that grape harvests started quite late between 15 and 20 September. However, the harvests were faster due to the lack of quantity due to the coulure and a simultaneous ripening of the different grape varieties The cooler temperatures in the late season allowed the winemakers to bring in a harvest at the right temperature.


In this lovely 2013 vintage, we find lovely concentrated and powerful wines for ageing alongside others more noted for their elegance, with a nice roundness from the different blends and the variable presence of grenache.


"Imagine being asked to make a fruit cake in the middle of a dried fruit shortage. That's the challenge facing winemakers in 2013. But the result is rather exquisite, and I think many wine lovers will find 2013 more to their taste than other vintages."

Jancis Robinson – jancisrobinson.com & The Financial Times