Freshness and harmony


After a very wet winter, which provided a good supply of groundwater, a hot and very dry spring meant early growth. The flowering period took place in perfect conditions which led to good fruit setting and regular size bunches for all the grape varieties.


Because of the cool, wet July, the early growth gradually tailed off to arrive at very normal harvest dates. Ripening took place in a very temperate climate. It was slow and steady through the cold nights, which were favourable for the synthesis of polyphenols (tannin, colour). The only slightly warmer period was between 25 August and 15 September.


These red wines are marked by the strong return of the grenache. If the colour of reds is lighter, it is also clean and lively.

The aromas of this fruity vintage reflect the freshness of summer, with moderate alcohol content to give fresh, balanced and very pleasant wines.

The elegant and harmonious tannin structure is the hallmark of this region which produces great wines with very feminine characters.

This year's temperate climate was particularly favourable for the aromatic ripening of very good quality rosé and white wines which are fresh, delicious, balanced and lively on the mouth.


"Although the acidity level of some 2014s is high, it is rarely too high. The freshness of most of these wines will make them ready to be enjoyed early. However, their structure will also allow them to improve over the next decade..."

Josh Raynolds – VINOUS