Avignon Festival

Vacqueyras, Official Cru of the Festival d’Avignon since 1998

Two places steeped in history, tradition and dynamism, driven by a common desire to share wealth: Avignon, capital of culture et Vacqueyras, land of culture.

History of the partnership:

In 1998, after opening to the world, the Avignon Festival presented a programme called Désirs d’Asie (Desires of Asia) which honoured the Chinese culture of Taiwan and the culture of Korea.

The Minister of Culture and more than 200 Taiwanese artists were present in Avignon. Christophe Galon, both President of the communication section of the appellation and winegrower in Vacqueyras, accompanied by his wife Yu Yen of Taiwanese origin, seized the opportunity to introduce them to the terroirs and wines of Cru Vacqueyras. The Taiwanese artists were then offered a bottle of red Vacqueyras formerly called “la cuvée syndicale”, blindly selected by a jury of professionals. This cuvée was dressed with a special label featuring the 1998 festival poster. This is how the idea of setting up a selection of the official vintages of the Festival d’Avignon was born.

Each year, three vintages of Cru Vacqueyras, red, rosé and white, are blindly selected by a jury of professionals to become the ambassadors for the appellation throughout the Inn du Festival d’Avignon. Every year, winegrowers enchant the public with a new vintage produced with their expertise.

These three vintages, ambassadors of the appellation, wear the festival poster on their packaging and are tasted during the highlights with the artists and guests of this great cultural event.

These vintages are tasted and presented:

  • To journalists, artists, theatre directors/programmers, patrons, companies, foundations and also political representatives at the festival’s press conferences in Paris and Avignon.
  • at the Inter Rhône Wine Bar Evening in July at the Maison des Vins d’Avignon
  • to festival VIPs during international tours: high-ranking politicians, company or foundation leaders, journalists, artists, ambassadors or directors of foreign cultural institutes.

Where to find these wines?

These vintages are on sale at the festival boutique and at the wine shops of the Halles d’Avignon.



They are also available for tasting every Saturday morning at the Petite Cuisine des Halles.
(food and wine pairings)


Travelling show:

Within the framework of the partnership, Vacqueyras has the opportunity to host an annual touring show of the festival. The performance takes place in the enchanting setting of the Courtyard of Vacqueyras Castle. The aim of this tour is to facilitate access to the public in each town where the show is performed, much to the delight of Vacqueyras residents.