The fraternity

Created on 4 May 1984, the birth of the fraternity (La Confrèrie) in the village of Vacqueyras was euphoric and helped to strengthen the links between the ‘men of vine and wine’. The aim of this association is:

  • to perpetuate the memory of the famous Provençal troubadour, RAIMBAUT who was born in Vacqueyras between 1156 and 1160,
  • to encourage people to discover and love the village of Vacqueyras and the surrounding region, to act in favour of the wines and terroir of Vacqueyras
  • to do everything possible to ensure that the originality and quality of Vacqueyras’ wines are recognised and promoted by all
  • to organise events where all those who contribute to making Vacqueyras wine known can meet each other
  • to spread the influence of Vacqueyras wines in France and abroad