The year of grenache


After winter provided a significant supply of water, the vineyard went through a very dry May, often accompanied by strong winds. Flowering lasted a little longer than usual.


With a hot and windy summer, a poor harvest was predicted as early as 30t June. Fortunately, the August rains and the temperature difference between day and night allowed the grapes to ripen in good conditions.


A grape harvest under milder skies (which wasn’t very normal, which the late ones picked before the syrah), the concentration supplied by the mistral and a very gentle extraction of phenolic compounds provided these red wines with an intense aromatic palette (the grenache expressed itself brilliantly) with red fruits (raspberry, blackcurrant, pomegranate, cherry) moving towards ripe fruits, candied cherries, prunes, with spicy and floral hints (rose, violet), all in a smooth texture.