The 2008 vintage will be remembered for testing the winemaker’s dedication and determination against the changing weather.


During spring, the staggered rains and summer-like temperatures encouraged vegetation growth. The very active growth needed to be controlled by working on the foliage - a guarantee of good maturity.


Flowering then took place from 25 May for 2 weeks, longer than usual due to the bad weather. The first berry tastings did provide us with a glimpse of a late but very attractive 2008 vintage. The harvest promised to be late, but the winemakers were able to maintain their efforts by focusing on the foliage to preserve the health of the vine and completely expose the bunches to the air and the sun. Leaf stripping is a fairly rare practice in our region, but it was often essential this year. The harvest took place around 20 September - 10 to 15 days later than in 2007. Looking back today, even if the harvest quantities were lower than other vintages, the important thing is to have been able to preserve the quality.


The aromatic potential has been preserved, and the whites and rosés are clean, delicious and very expressive. The colours are crisp and attractive. The reds needed more attention and monitoring, also in terms of reactivity. They are delicate, delicious and powerful.

The range is wide because of the significant diversity of the harvest, but all the wines produced in 2008 in the Vacqueyras appellation were clean and aromatic.