Alongside truly great vintages.


In the end, the 2010 harvest went faster than expected. This was not just because of the good weather but also because the vine yield was extremely low. Of course, the coulure and millerandage of the grenache adversely affected the final yield but much less than the weight of the berries, which was very low throughout.


The balance was perfect, and the acidities which were perceived and measured at the beginning of September gradually faded in favour of a sweetness which was more consistent with the appellation’s image. The good weather and perfect vine health also made it possible to wait for optimal ripeness in many situations and harvest the grapes in the desired conditions.


These wines are very aromatic, clean and complex. The cool temperatures seen in August and September preserved the grapes’ rich aromatic potential. The phenolic richness further reflects this year’s fine tannins and a lovely texture which will undoubtedly give this vintage a great ageing potential.

Finally, the whites are pure and very fine, revealing elegance, balance and richness. They will undoubtedly be one of this vintage’s most satisfying


"2009 is a colder and wetter year, with rainfall between October 2009 and September 2010 23% above average. Most of the rain fell in early spring, causing a lot of runoff. The Grenache, which was affected, therefore saw its yields fall considerably. This also led to a reduction in the percentage of Grenache in individual vintages as well as in total production. This vintage is of very good quality."

Jeb Dunnuck – Rhone Report