A rich and homogeneous vintage with a promising future


The 2015 vintage was marked by atypical weather. The rains were normal between November and April, and therefore, the growing season started with good water reserves in the soil. From May until mid-June, a hot and dry period allowed the flowering and berry formation to be perfect. Then, the rains in mid-June arrived at the right time to allow the vineyard to easily get through the July heat and the summer drought.


After a rather late budding, the high temperatures of spring and summer accelerated the growth cycle, leading to earlier harvest dates than 2014 but which were still completely "normal". On the eve of the harvest, the vineyard was particularly healthy with the leaves and grapes in perfect condition. During the first ripeness checks, the acidities were especially weak which was the result of the heatwave in July which degraded the malic acid of the grapes. The skins were thick and rich in polyphenols - colour and tannins. This critical period was punctuated by three rainy episodes without damaging the health of the harvest. In fact, the rains at the end of August were beneficial for more stony soils and the latest grape varieties, such as Mourvèdre or Carignan, whose ripeness was quite exceptional. The ripeness of earlier syrahs was less uniform, and the grenaches were very homogeneous and concentrated.


All grape varieties had normal yields, and the number of bunches per vine and their good development meant that the harvest was about average for what we had observed in the past five years. Each grape variety delivered the best of its potential quality, and there were plenty of blending possibilities to allow the development of some great cuvées.
Winemaking went ahead without any difficulties, and extractions were quicker or slower depending on the level of ripeness sought at harvest.
Since fermentation, the white and rosé wines have revealed a great aromatic richness and their low acidity gives them a rich and opulent balance.
The first red wines that were tasted were surprising in their colour intensity and richness of tannins. This 2015 vintage is very homogeneous and will undoubtedly be great for ageing.


"The consistency of Vacqueyras 2015 impresses me, and I think these wines will be a treat for the taste buds, not only for those who like young wines from the southern Rhône Valley for their fruitiness but also for more patient collectors. Although most of these wines have a tannic structure that allows them to improve in the cellar, the tannins do not hinder anything; they’re offset by the abundance of sweet fruit that is typical of this year.”

Josh Raynolds – VINOUS

"It was a daring year in Vacqueyras, the red wines are elegantly opulent, very full-bodied and open onto a palate of spices characteristic of the south."

John Livingstone – Decanter