The terroirs

Geological map of Vacqueyras

Les Safres and marls of the Miocene period

  • GEOLOGICAL ERA: Miocene: Between 8 and 20 million years ago
  • SOILS: Sandstone and marls

The small valley of the Oligocene and the Piedmont de Beauregard

  • GEOLOGICAL ERA: Oligocene: between 25 and 35 million years ago
  • SOILS: Red marls and clayey sands, sandstone limestone and Colluvium scree

The Taper of the Font des Papes

  • GEOLOGICAL ERA: Quaternary for the Taper: 450,000 years and Miocene: 15 million years
  • SOILS: Fine sands and clays

The large Terrace of the Garrigues

  • GEOLOGICAL ERA: Quaternary: 450,000 years old
  • SOIL: Pebbles and Gravel Limestone, brown clay
High scrubland
Garrigues de l’étang
Southern Garrigues

The Blue Marls of the Pliocene

  • GEOLOGICAL ERA: Pliocene: between 2 and 5 million years ago
  • SOIL: Marls and fine sands
Map based on the work of wine expert Georges Truc.
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