Wine Consumer Jury Competition

Wine Consumer Jury Competition

Since 1987, the Wine Consumer Jury competition has been offering the opportunity each year to amateur and passionate consumers to blind taste, rate and express themselves on wines from the Rhone Valley appellations.

It is the only official competition where the members of the jury are exclusively amateur consumers and non-professionals in the wine trade.

An approved competition
Placed under the control of the General Directorate of Consumption and Fraud Repression and other recognised consumer associations, this competition has obtained community approval by ministerial decision.

Knowledge of wines – To know wines better is to appreciate them better.

Each year, a large part of activities is devoted to the education of tasters: introduction to wine tasting at the Wine University of Suze-la Rousse, commentary on food-wine pairings, presentation of wines in competition, etc.

Meeting with winegrowing men and traditions
Without taking part in the tasting sessions, the winegrowers and wine merchants are nevertheless present throughout the day: welcoming at the wineries, visits to the cellars and above all a closing dinner where all the producers are invited to present their wines. Finally, an exceptional induction chapter led by the Confrérie des Maîtres Vignerons de Vacqueyras will plunge you into the magic of winemaking tradition.

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