Sensitive to the wind because its branches are fine and brittle, it requires perfect sunlight to develop its aromas to the maximum and should be harvested very early in the morning because its juice is sensitive to oxidation.


Mainly cultivated in Languedoc, Carignan is native to Spain. A grape variety that thrives in hot, dry soils, Carignan produces a wine of beautiful colour, structure and tannin. Carignan is a late-budding grape variety. It is productive and its bunches are large, compact, spherical, with medium to large grapes. Its skin is bluish-black and thick. Carignan is not afraid of drought, which is why it has been successfully planted in warm regions. It is an accessory grape variety that shouldn’t exceed 10% of the grape variety.


The origin of this grape variety is no longer disputed. Recent analyses have shown that Syrah is a natural cross between Mondeuse Blanche (a grape variety from Savoy) and Dureza, an old variety native to the Ardèche. It is an expressive grape variety with a beautiful aromatic richness and a strong colour intensity. Syrah expresses fruity, floral and spicy scents. It is one of the so-called “complementary” grape varieties of the appellation along with Mourvèdre. Together they should represent at least 20% of the grape variety.